Better urban spaces

This project is developed in the cross field between evaluation research, research by design and theoretical research related to liveable city development.

Conducted projects:

2009-10 Performative Urban Design. (Hans Kiib) 3 international workshops conducted in 2008, an international conference in 2009 and editing an anthology on the subject in 2010.

2011 - 2012 Bedre Byrums Kampagnen – Evaluation (Gitte Marling and Hans Kiib) An evaluation of “Bedre Byrums Kampagnen” in the period 2002-2010. The project include: - An architectural and urban life assessment in 4 Danish projects designed and build 2006-2010 - A study of 21 public space projects developed during the second phase of the campaign 2005-2006, of which 10 has been build. - A study of 91 project proposals developed during the first phase of the campaign 2002-2005 - A study of campaign effects on urban design and city life in all Danish municipalities The client: Realdania

Selected publications:

Performative Urban Design

Kiib, H. (ed.) 1 Apr 2010 Aalborg: Aalborg Universitetsforlag. 240 p. (Art and Urbanism; No. 2, Vol. 2). Publication: Research - peer-review › Anthology

10 år med Bedre Byrum: Evaluering af Bedre Byrums kampagne

Marling, G. & Kiib, H. Mar 2012 PDF, 112 p. Publication: Research - peer-review › Internet publication

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