The Centre for Strategic Urban Research is a research centre focusing on the development, management and quality of urban areas. The Centre, established in 2004, conducts inter-disciplinary research collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, the Aarhus School of Architecture and Aalborg University. From 2004 to the beginning of 2016 the Centre was supported by Realdania Foundation. Since spring 2016, the funding is given by Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research. Since 2011, the Centre has focused on network and publication of research results.


Since the Centre was established, the affiliated researchers have published a large number of articles, working papers and books. The publications are in Danish and English, and a few in French.

Researchers and projects

More than 40 researchers from four different institutes are associated with the on-going research at the Centre. 

The Centre considers it important to integrate research on architecture, planning and socio-spatial issues, thereby contributing to overcome the traditional barriers between the various types of urban research.