14. september 2017

Seminar: When people are the driving force for urban development

29. sepember 2017, Aalborg

With a point of departure in people - plain and simple - this seminar explores how social responsibility and co-creation foster new forms of urbanity.

This kind of development is found in the grass roots, in small events and initiatives can be realised through the founding of a forum, the finding of stakeholders, or the creation of a sense of community and the encouragement of stewardship. And because it is most often found in the small scale and in disadvantaged situations, it is usually under the radar of the urban design discourse.

Through a series of presentations from theory and practice that exemplify and unfold, this seminar intends to start a discussion about what it means to design cities with a people driven development, how urban professionals can take part in this process as active members, and how this can change how we think and work - and live.

 This is a free seminar and no registration is required.

See invitation and program for the seminar When people are the driving force for urban development

Time: September 29th 2017, 13.00-15.45
Place: Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg, room 3.563

For more information contact Shelley Smith ssmi@create.aau.dk