21. september 2016

PhD course - from grass roots to change

December 5-9 2016, Frederiksberg

Bottom-up projects, urban activism, experiments, grass roots and community activities – how can they make a difference for urban/rural change and sustainable development?

A 5-day PhD course brings together international scholars and PhD students to explore the role of bottom-up and civic activities in sustainable and urban and rural change through  lenses of ‘urban activism’, ‘institutional theory’, ‘social innovation’ and ‘grass root innovations and transition theory’.

International scholars are Margit Mayer, Adrian Smith Frank Moulaert and Bettina Bock.

Temporary activities, urban gardening, village and neighbourhood upgrading, events and festivals, food networks etc, - At the course we discuss whether and how such ‘small scale’ bottom-up projects and civic activities can make a larger difference. Can they be sites for experiments and innovative activity and can their activities influence the potential for collective action, for sustainable development, new governance practices and policy and how?

Program and invitation to PhD course - from grass roots to change

For more information contact Lise Byskov Herslund Lihe@ign.ku.dk

Time: December 5-9 2016
Place: Rolighedsvej 23, DK-1958 Frederiksberg, Denmark