Architectural Aesthetics as Catalyst of Social Change

Ph.d.-project by Polina Chebotareva

Architectural Aesthetics as Catalyst of Social Change explores the potential of architectural and urban design to draw people’s attention to invisible atmospheric conditions and overseen possibilities for action. The project explores how design can stimulate people to see everyday spaces from a new perspective and, thereby, catalyze a change in behavior.

The project consists of a theoretical exploration of the link between the concept of atmosphere and affordances and two research-by-design processes where the theoretical exploration is translated into a concept for an architectural installation. The two installations are realized in collaboration with different architects. The first installation, called Urban Carpet, was realized in 2018 in collaboration with Elias Melvin Christiansen. The second installation, called Sense V, was realized in 2019 in collaboration with Isak Worre Foged and Anke Pasold (AREA studio). Observations are made on site before and during the installation period documenting a potential change in behavior.

More information (in Danish):

Project period: 2016-2019
Researcher: Polina Chebotareva, Ph.D. student

For further information, please contact:  Polina Chebotareva