Centre for Strategic Urban Research

The Centre for Strategic Urban Research is a research centre focusing on the development, management and quality of urban areas. The Centre, established in 2004, conducts inter-disciplinary research collaboration between the University of Copenhagen, the Aarhus School of Architecture, Aalborg University, the Royal Danish Academy and Roskilde University. From 2004 to the beginning of 2016 the Centre was supported by Realdania Foundation. In 2016, funding was given by Kraks Fond – Institute for Urban Economic Research. Since 2011, the Centre has focused on network and publication of the research results.

New challenges for urban policy

The Centre was established in acknowledgement of the fact that urban areas are currently undergoing a development that creates new challenges for urban policy. Metropolisation is one of the terms used for this trend but we have chosen to use the term cities without limits. Urban areas and their hinterlands no longer constitute a clearly demarcated unit; rather, they are part of a larger global network and the Centre researchers are working to develop a strategic body of knowledge that can meet the challenges raised by this new situation. Moreover, the Centre considers it important to integrate research on architecture, planning and socio-spatial issues, thereby helping to overcome the traditional barriers between the various types of urban research. 

Multidisciplinary development

The main goal of the Centre for Strategic Urban Research is to conduct research that contributes to improving the foundation for policy decisions regarding the development of urban areas. The Centre aims to contribute to a coherent understanding of the dynamics affecting urban development. The Centre intends to contribute to the creation of the background knowledge required to meet the challenges facing urban areas and localities. The Centre aspires to contribute to a multidisciplinary development of this area which cannot be the domain of a single academic discipline. 

International and national network

All of the participants in the Centre are engaged in international and national academic networks working with both the on-going academic updating and debates of relevance for maintaining research quality. Moreover, the participants collaborate directly with Danish state and local government organs and interest groups working with current urban and regional issues. This cooperation ensures significant input to the academic, theoretical debate, as well as continued grounding in relevant conceptual issues.