29. september 2015

PhD Course: The City and the Pragmatic Turn

Call for participants:

When:  November 5th-6th 2015
Where:  Centre for Health and Society (CSS), Øster Farimagsgade 5, Copenhagen K, Denmark

Organizers:  Centre for Strategic Urban Research (CSB), Aarhus School of Architecture & Centre for Science, Ex-pertise and Society (CEVES), Department of Sociology (SI), University of Copenhagen

Contacts:  Prof. Emeritus Niels Albertsen (na@aarch.dk) & Assoc. Prof. Anders Blok (abl@soc.ku.dk)

The Centres for Strategic Urban Research and Science, Expertise and Society invite participants for a two-day PhD course on ‘The City and the Pragmatic Turn’. The aim of the course is to further PhD students’ ability to locate and develop their research in relation to the encounter in recent years between urban studies and pragmatism (mainly the sociology of engagements and ANT/AIME). The course includes an International Conference that assembles researchers engaged in the encounter in order to take stock of the overall results until now: the conceptions of cities and urbanities involved; the ways of investigating the design and planning of architectures, urbanities and urban landscapes; the interrogations of activism and cosmopolitics; the question of ecological crisis and urban change.

The PhD course falls into three parts: 
1) participation in the international conference on November 5th
2) reading selected papers on the theme of the course/conference
3) submitting a short paper (max. 3.000 words) on own research as related to the theme of the course/conference, for discussion on November 6th.
More information on readings will be communicated to participants after the registration deadline.

Participation in all three parts is considered equivalent to a 3 ETCS workload.

The participation fee covers meals and (in part) remuneration of discussants on the short papers and PhD-presentations. 

Alongside Prof. Laurent Thévenot (EHESS, Paris) discussants will be appointed according to fields of expertise amongst other selected speaker of the international conference. Also, with a few exceptions, non-discussant speakers will join in and participate also on November 6th.

The speakers on November 5th 
Albena Yaneva (keynote) and Laurent Thévenot (keynote) and in parallel sessions: Luca Pattaroni (Geneve), Michael Guggenheim (London), Simon Guy (Lancaster), Alberto Corsín Jiménez (Madrid), Matthias Kärrholm (Lund), Ole B. Jensen (Aalborg), Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt (Roskilde), Christian Borch (Copenhagen), Anne Tietjen (Copenhagen), Martin Severin Frandsen (Roskilde), Birgitte Hoffman (Copenhagen) and Anders Blok (Copenhagen).

The conference is open to the public; the PhD-seminar is closed.

Deadline for registration is extended to October 19th 2015 by sending an e-mail to phd@soc.ku.dk with following information: name and working place.

Deadline for short paper
October 28th 2015. The paper should be sent to Anders Blok: abl@soc.ku.dk

Participation fee
DKK 1000 for participants from universities enrolled in “The open PHD market” and DKK 2000 other participants. For participants from Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen (SI) the course is free. The participation fee will be charged after registration. The fee will be charged to your working place, unless you inform differently at registration. The fee cannot be refunded after October 28th 2015.