23. april 2013

Urban agriculture - seminar og udstilling 17. maj

Urban Agriculture ranges from community-based rooftop farming using flagship high-tech green architecture and technology to informal backyard growing and subsistence peri-urban production. In recent years, multifunctional urban agriculture and systemic approaches have emerged as important topics in debates on the future of urban food systems. Its numerous different forms and divergent character makes it an issue that presents ample opportunities for contextualization and debate, such as, for instance, how to design sustainable urban structures and places.

In an international context, networks are being formed in order to define and clarify work and research in the field. By hosting this seminar the Aarhus School of Architecture wants to place the discussion in a Danish context between research, practice and education, thus, hopefully, inspiring and creating debate.

We have invited a range of speakers, who all represent current international projects artistically and/or scientifically, to talk about their work and experiences. On the basis of the presentations of small and large-scale projects, we raise the following question: Can food production in a Danish context create new social, aesthetic and ecologic connections and solutions in our fragmented cities, and thus contribute to sustainability and enrich our daily lives?  

Tid: 17. maj 2013 kl. 9.00-16.00
Sted: Arkitektskolen Aarhus