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Urban Architecture

The project includes a review and analysis of theoretical positions within the field of architectural theory and architecture analysis methods. These positions are analyzed and put into a historical context through cace analysis. The gorject aim at linking these theories of urban architecture with parallel theories on cultural spaces and lifestyle domains building a more complex understanding of urban spaces as aesthetic and cultural statements.

Conducted projects:

Architecture in the Experience City, 2008 - 2011 (Part of the project Experience City.DK by Gitte Marling, Ole B. Jensen and Hans Kiib) Analysis of a number of architectural and design innovations, which often reuse the industrial architecture but also new architectural form with transparency and typological diversity. These studies has been published in Marling, G., Kiib, H. and Jensen, O. B.,  2010, Experience City.DK The Client: Realdania

Aestetic Staging of the Post Industrial City of New York 2012 - 2013 (Hans Kiib) This project seeks to characterize the aesthetic staging and narration systems in the transformation of the post-industrial urban landscape. The subjects of the project are High Line, a new, elevated urban park on a former railway viaduct on Western Manhattan, New York, and Red Hook, which is a worn down neighbourhood in Brooklyn. The aesthetic staging and narration system in use is an architectural and spatial montage, which is mixing existing and new elements. The Client: Aalborg University

Selected publications:

Architecture and Stages of the Experience City
Kiib, H. (ed.) 2009 Aalborg: Institut for Arkitektur og Medieteknologi. (Skriftserien; No. 30). 416 p. Publication: Research - peer-review › Anthology

Architecture in the Experience City
Kiib, H. 2009 In: Architecture and Stages in the Experience City. Institut for Arkitektur og Medieteknologi, (Skriftserie; No. 30, Vol. 1) p. 233-244. Publication: Research - peer-review › Article in proceeding

Architectural Narratives: Traces and Performance
Kiib, H. 1 Apr 2010 In: Performative Urban Design. Kiib, H. (ed.). Aalborg: Aalborg Universitetsforlag, Vol. 2, Ch. 4, p. 40-54. 14 p. (Art and Urbanism; No. 2, Vol. 2). Publication: Research - peer-review › Book chapter

Æstetisk iscenesættelsen af det postindustrielle bylandskab : – virkemidler og fortællesystemer
Kiib, H.  2013 : accepted, 22 p. Publikation: Forskning - peer review › Tidsskriftartikel

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