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Forelæsning & Fyraftensøl: Performative Interventions in Post-traumatic Urban Spaces

Afholdt: 19. maj 2015, Refshaleøen, København

I foråret 2015 gæstede Ryan Reynolds fra Gap Filler, Christchurch, NZ kurset Urban Intervention Studio, Københavns Universitet. Her var mulighed for at høre hvordan Gap Filler skabte nye byrum i den jordskælvsødelagte by, da der blev inviteret til forelæsning og fyraftensøl med Ryan på Refshaleøen.

Invitation til forelæsning og fyraftensøl

Ryan Reynolds:
Ryan Reynolds was a lecturer in Performance Studies and part of an experimental theatre collective when a series of earthquakes struck his home town of Christchurch, New Zealand in 2010/2011. Around 15,000 homes were demolished, along with almost 70% of the central city’s building stock; vast parts of the city were off-limits to the public for two years. Ryan joined forces with a visual artist & architect, & under the name Gap Filler they began to recreate and reimagine the social infrastructure of the city, creating temporary urban interventions on sites where buildings have been demolished. Four years on, the official top-down government rebuild is underway. Ryan will give an overview of his organisation’s work, with a focus on the recent relationship between the unplanned community activities he’s part of and the formal city plans.   

Ryan Reynolds var gæsteunderviser på kurset Urban Intervention Studio ved Københavns Universitet, der i foråret 2015 studerede og arbejdede på Refshaleøen.     

Tid: 19. maj 2015 kl 17.00-19.00
Sted: B&W arbejdernes gamle klubhus, Refshalevej 203A

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