Material Mobilities

Afholdt: 29-30. November 2016, Aalborg University
C-MUS Conference

During the last decade of research affiliated to the ‘new mobilities turn’ the societal repercussions of intensive mobilities has been in focus. The ‘turn’ has documented the social, environmental, economic, and cultural effects of the contemporary patterns of movement of people, vehicles, goods, data and information.

In parallel with this work new ideas and concepts about the human/non-human and the ‘material dimension’ of the social world has surfaced within a wide array of fields such as philosophy, anthropology, and cultural studies.

The ‘turn to the material’ opens up a new set of research questions related to how artefacts and technologies facilitating and affording mobilities are being designed, constructed, and instituted? The new material interest furthermore point at new ways of comprehending the political and the power-dimensions of mobilities and infrastructural landscapes. The turn to the material furthermore problematizes the Modern binary distinctions between humans and non-humans, subjects and objects, culture and nature.

The 2016 C-MUS conference has this intellectual shift as its focus and asks how the new turn towards the material may effect insights within the mobilities turn research communities?

The conference shed light on this emerging research agenda by reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the hosting center and is an open invitation to mobilities scholars across the humanities, the social sciences and the technical sciences. Furthermore, we invite informed and reflective practitioners as for example civil servants and policy- and strategy-makers as well as we include the arts and the artistic communities from performance arts over architecture and design to media and technology.

PhD course in relation to the conference We organize a free of charge PhD course in relation to the conference. By adding one extra day (December 1st 2016) to the conference you obtain 3 ECTS course credits. See the program for the Ph.D. course Material Mobilities

Keynote Speakers Prof. Albena Yaneva, University of Manchester, UK Prof. Monika Büscher, Lancaster University, UK Prof. Ole B. Jensen, Aalborg University, DK

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Organized by The C-MUS 2016 Conference Organizing Team.

Time 29-30 November 2016
Place Aalborg University