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Atmospheres and Materialities

Public lecture and research seminar

Afholdt: September 23th 2016 10.15-15.00, Aalborg
Center for Strategisk Byforskning (CSB) and Center for Mobilities and Urban Studies (C-MUS) wish to facilitate a research discussion by inviting to a public lecture and a research seminar on Atmospheres and Materialities. The seminar aims to connect the themes of cities and urban spaces with ideas about place, architecture, and mobilities design. The recent ‘turn to materialities’ within Social Science, Art, and Architectural Design brings together thoughts on design, materials, and atmospheres. 

Mikkel Bille key catalyst for the discussion
We have invited Associate Professor Mikkel Bille, Roskilde University to be the key catalyst for this discussion. Mikkel Bille has written extensively on the matter of materialities and atmospheres (e.g. Materialitet: En indføring i kultur, identitet og teknologi (2012) and Elements of Architecture: Assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces (2016), both with Tim Flohr Sørensen; and editor of the special issue of Emotion, Space & Society on "Staging Atmospheres” (2015)). 

The seminar is open to all CSB and C-MUS members, as well as the public lecture is open to students within Architecture and Design and students in the Mobilities Master’s Program.

Time: Friday September 23, 2016, 10.15-15.00
Venue: Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg, room 4.513
Organizers: Assistant Professor Ditte Bendix Lanng and Professor Ole B. Jensen, C-MUS, and Center for Strategisk Byforskning (CSB)